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Turn your toilet paper into a wet wipe.

"Gentle on the skin & cleans well" - NY Magazine

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A wet wipe you can feel good about flushing.

Your plumber & marine biologists both agree that flushing "flushable" wipes is a recipe for disaster. Homeowners are switching to Fohm so they can feel ridiculously clean, while avoiding plumbing nightmares and eliminate micro-plastics that are dispersing into waterways & oceans. Fohm Starter Pack - Toilet Top Dispenser Fohm Starter Pack - Toilet Top Dispenser Fohm Starter Pack - Toilet Top Dispenser

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Includes your touch-less dispenser & first 6 weeks of cleanser.

Fohm is a pH balanced, paraben-free, alcohol-free and frangrance-free version of what the cleansing fluid used in flushable wipes.

30 day trial, no questions asked return policy.

Featured product

3 Month Supply Of Cleansing Fluid

One single bottle replaces pounds of solid wet wipe waste.

Fohm's cleanser is:

pH balanced, Fragrance Free, Alcohol Free, Paraben Free

Made for sensitive skin

Contains aloe to soothe

People Are Saying

This has been saving my butt.

– Lauren, Chicago IL

Perfect way to replace my wet wipe habit.

– Jason, Nashville TN

Why people use Fohm

Feel perfectly clean

Don't doubt yourself after you leave the bathroom.

Avoid skin irritation

Which can lead to itching, fissures & hemmorhoids.

pH balanced, fragrance & paraben free cleanser

A sensitive formula for a sensitive area.

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Do I need special toilet paper?

Nope! We're not trying to sell you fancy toilet paper. Use your favorite brand! 

How's Fohm compare to flushable wipes?

.Our customers confirm that the feeling is ridiculously similar to the flushable wipes they were buying. They particularly love that the touch-free dispenser is easier to use than opening a box of wipes, and that it's more hygienic. They feel savvy for switching to a no-compromise alternative that won't clog their pipes, their town's sewage system and doesn't release micro-plastics into waterways.

What's the cleanser?

It's a paraben-free, pH balanced and fragrance-free version of what you find in a baby wipe from the drug store or supermarket.

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