Fohm Co

Fohm Co

Enough with the crap.

Upgrade from flushable wipes to Fohm.


"An elegantly simple product"

"A truly flushable wipe, no butts about it"

"A more sustainable alternative to wet wipes"

"Gentle on the skin and cleans well"

"The internet cannot stop talking about Fohm"

"It's eco-friendly and won't destroy your pipes"

Keeps your butt super clean.

Your butthole doesn’t deserve to be treated like an a*hole. Our gentle cleanser sits right on top of your toilet paper — so after you wipe, you’ll feel cleaner than you did pre-poop.

A real pipe dream.

You already know flushable wipes are not really flushable — no matter what their labels say. They build up in your plumbing, plotting expensive disasters like the villainous monsters they are. Need more proof? Ask your plumber. We’ll wait.

And your planet approves.

Each day, over 1 million pounds of wet wipes will be flushed — clogging our planet with microplastic mush that gets ingested by undeserving marine life. Our mission is to eliminate that. Because when nature calls, it’s your doody to protect it.

Here’s how it works


Take a poop.


Add Fohm to your TP.


Wipe away, your highness.

Don’t just listen to us. Listen to these a*holes!

It's gentle to the skin yet an effective cleaner. After using it for six months I'm happy to say I don't miss wipes at all.

Hailey F.

Chicago, IL

I love, love this! The foam is a great consistency and works well with our normal toilet paper.

Cheryl W.

Ann Arbor, MI

I was skeptical, but I am a believer now that I’ve been using it. It's a true pleasure 'to go' with Fohm.

Richard S.

Scottsdale, AZ

Perfect for times when you need that extra clean. We stopped using wipes altogether and are happy it's better for the environment.

Amelia C.

San Francisco, CA

Fohm is a must have in every bathroom. Our septic guy says he can already tell that we are not using wipes anymore!

Paul T.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Sleek design that matches any bathroom and is very simple to use. Love that it's a sensor so you don't have to touch anything.

Kathy S.

Houston, TX

I secretly worried about flushing thicker, pre-moistened wipes. Now my worries are over with Fohm.

Jess M.

Brooklyn, NY

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PSA: Plumbing Service Announcement

Wipes don’t magically disintegrate after they leave your toilet bowl. They live on to cause thousands of dollars of plumbing damage, block your neighborhood's sewers, and release microplastics into your local waterways. We can't settle for dry toilet paper, so that's why we created Fohm.