Fohm Co



who love flushable wipes,

but hate plumbing issues.

How It Works


Replace your flushable wipe box with your touch-less Fohm dispenser.


Add the same cleanser you find in a wet wipe to your existing toilet paper


We'll send you refills, so you never run dry.

You already know those wipes aren't actually flushable.

Everyday on the news, there's a new homeowner horror story. The average cost to fix a problem connected to the sewer line is over $2,500. But there's no need to have to settle for inadequate dry toilet paper that causes skin irritation. We think you deserve better.

People Are Saying

This has been saving my butt.

– Lauren, Chicago IL

Great to know I won't have to call my plumber for a flushable wipe blockage.

– Jason, Nashville TN

Fohm Home Starter Pack (no subscription)

Includes your touch-less dispenser & first 6 weeks of cleanser.

Cleanser refills are $7 for a 1 month supply.

30 day trial, no questions asked return policy.

Fohm Home Starter Pack with refills every 3 months

Includes touch-less dispenser & first 6 weeks of cleanser 

$7 / month refills, delivered automatically.

30 day trial, no questions asked return policy.

Why people use Fohm

Feel perfectly clean

Don't doubt yourself after you leave the bathroom.

Avoid skin irritation

Which can lead to itching, fissures & hemmorhoids.

pH balanced, fragrance & paraben free cleanser

A sensitive formula for a sensitive area.

Made in the USA.

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Do I need special toilet paper?

We're obsessed with efficiency. We love that you'll be able to utilize your existing toilet paper, and won't need to buy anything fancy from us.

How's Fohm compare to flushable wipes?

Flushable wipes have been labeled an "environmental catastrophe", due to how they don't break down properly and are ingested by marine life after they're flushed.

Fohm is what you end up with when you create a user experience that's built for adults on toilets, and not try to repurpose a product designed for babies in diapers.

What's the cleanser?

It's a paraben-free, pH balanced and fragrance-free version of what you find in a baby wipe from a national brand (insert your favorite one here).