The Holiday Gift Bundle

Enough with the crappy gifts
The Holiday Gift Bundle
The Holiday Gift Bundle The Holiday Gift Bundle The Holiday Gift Bundle The Holiday Gift Bundle The Holiday Gift Bundle

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This holiday, give the gift of a sparkling clean bum — that cares for the earth and their plumbing bill. After all, those “flushable” wipes they’re stocking in the bathroom aren’t actually flushable. Fohm’s gift bundle includes everything they need to save their home from angry pipes and even angrier buttholes, including enough foam cleanser to last an entire year!

  • Touchless dispenser
    Rechargeable battery lasts 4-5 months per charge.
  • 4 Cleanser cartridges
    Enough foam cleanser to last a full year.
  • 3M strips for easy wall mounting
    Works perfectly on painted wall, tile & laminate.

    What makes Fohm the best gift of 2021?

    Seriously: they’re not going to use an airfryer. But Fohm? Every. Single. Day.

    When you gift Fohm, you do more than spread the luxury of a spotless butt: you get to be the person that saves their pipes, helps them easily go green, and lets them upgrade from harsh, unsightly wipes all together.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 45 reviews
    Debbie Lewis

    Very nice product!

    Vivian Moise
    Very happy tushie!

    My spouse and I LOVE our Fohm dispenser. We have multiple bathrooms in our home but always use the toilet with the Fohm for #2. No more wiping 10 times trying to get fully clean of poop. One wipe with Fohm and one to dry and it's done. We tell all our friends about Fohm!

    Ed Keyes
    A Cleaner Clean

    Great product! Easy to install. Makes for better cleaning.

    Susan Knipp
    Addition to every bathroom

    My husband and I love this product! It isn't messy, has a wonderful light fragrance and leaves us feeling clean and fresh with no added inconvenience. Love this product!

    Great product!

    Works as advertised! Great product!