The Toilet Top Refill

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The Toilet Top Refill


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Is your Toilet Top Kit running low on cleanser? You’re in the right place. Just refill the base of your dispenser with the refill bottle, which replaces 20 pounds of disgusting wet wipe waste and lasts 2 poopers for 10 months with typical use.

Our pH balanced cleanser is made in the USA and is free of fragrances, alcohol, parabens, and sulfates.

Don’t let it all go to waste

The nonwoven material in your wet wipes (think rayon, polypropylene, polyester) doesn’t biodegrade, and it ends up wreaking havoc on your pipes and your planet. Fohm eliminates the need for these materials by using your toilet paper, so your conscience can feel as clean as your bum after you use it.

Customer Reviews

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Michael Horvich
The Greatest Tushie Wipe on Earth

Ladies and Gentlemen and Children of All Ages, The age old problem of keeping yourself clean ofter using the toilet has been made easier, almost a no brainer, by “fohm.” The automatic dispenser and the cleaning liquid adds the ability to keep oneself clean easily with the easily assessable toilet paper. I have never felt as fresh! Thank you “fohm."

Mr. Satan
It's foam for your ass.

Time to grease the works Brotato.

Debra Godwin
So much better

This is a wonderful product! So much better than ice cold wipes at 3 am. I have very sensitive skin so I was a little leery of trying fohm but it has worked great for me. The dispenser lets you use as much or as little as you need and no rinsing required. The dispenser is small and much more attractive than a plastic box of baby wipes. I have recommended fohm to my friends and family. Try it! You won’t be disappointed

J Knagge
Easy and convenient

I’ve had it for a couple of months now in our master bath. Probably getting another one for the guest bath. Ordering refills was also easy and arrived quickly.

Terry Mahoney
Love the Fohm & very pleased with Customer Service

The Fohm product is a delightful alternative to prepackaged wipes which are a costly nightmare for municipal sewer systems, septic systems etc.
Contacted Fohm customer service & my question was answered within hours.
Rare to find a great product and great support in one company.