The Bathroom Refill Pack

10 Month Supply
The Bathroom Refill Pack
The Bathroom Refill Pack The Bathroom Refill Pack The Bathroom Refill Pack


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Is your wall mounted Bathroom Kit running low on cleanser? You’re in the right place. Each Refill Pack includes 3 cartridges, which replaces 20 pounds of disgusting wet wipe waste and lasts 2 poopers for 10 months with typical use.

Our pH balanced cleanser is made in the USA and is free of fragrances, alcohol, parabens, and sulfates.

Don’t let it all go to waste

The nonwoven material in your wet wipes (think rayon, polypropylene, polyester) doesn’t biodegrade, and it ends up wreaking havoc on your pipes and your planet. Fohm eliminates the need for these materials by using your toilet paper, so your conscience can feel as clean as your bum after you use it.

Customer Reviews

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FOHM - a truly valuable hygienic component.

Fohm is a very well thought out and extremely effective addition to our our hygienic bathroom arsenal.
Fohm reduces the amount of toilet paper needed for perianal cleansing and eliminates the need for packaged “flushable” bathroom wipes which are not only expensive but are not truly degradable, thereby threatening septic systems and toilet plumbing with clogs - despite the manufacturer’s advertisements claiming otherwise.
Fohm is easily dispensed and in the proper amount in a “no contact” manner from its refillable dispenser. It has a pleasant subtle scent, is cooling and comfortable and it augments the usefulness of ordinary toilet paper resulting in a complete cleansing following defecation.
This product is wonderful and beneficial and I recommend it unequivocally.

Love it!

Helps me stay clean

Dorothy Porter

This has been a god send for my granddaughters, would highly recommend for children who have a hard time getting completely clean

Yvonne Koyano

We love Fohm

Very easy to use and nice looking

Easy directions. Easy to install and use right away. Nice looking design.