5 Reasons to Gift Fohm for Father's Day

1. It will leave him with a truly clean feeling butt

Dry toilet paper hasn't evolved since 1891, but Dad's standards of personal hygiene have. Trying to feel clean by rubbing dry paper against the dirtiest, most sensitive part of his body just doesn't get the job done for that Dad in your life.

2. It works perfectly with his favorite toilet paper brand

Fohm's light and airy cleanser sits on top of your toilet paper, without sinking in. It even works with crappy 1-ply brands (not that you would ever buy that).

3. The clean ingredients are designed to soothe and cleanse the most sensitive skin on his body

Fohm's cleanser is the same type of formula that you find in a baby wipe, so Dad can feel good about what he's wiping with. Our specific formulation is free of fragrances and parabens, and it's pH balanced.

4. Fohm feels better than using flushable wipes and avoids plumbing damage

Is Dad still using wet wipes? You already know that even wipes labeled as "flushable" aren't actually safe to flush. The average cost for homeowners to unclog a main sewer line is around $3,000. Fohm is truly plumbing and septic safe, so you can rest easy about those dreaded plumber calls.

5. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee

With free shipping and free returns, Dad can try Fohm risk free for 30 days. We think he'll love it, but if he doesn't, you can return it for a full refund.

Any questions? Email us anytime at hello@getfohm.com

Thousands of a*holes love us

"I was skeptical, but I'm a believer now that I've been using it. It's a true pleasure 'to go' with Fohm."

"I love, love this! The foam is a great consistency and works well with our normal toilet paper."

"Perfect when you need that extra clean. We stopped using wipes altogether and are happy it's better for the environment."

"Fohm is a must have in every bathroom. Our septic guy says he can already tell that we're not using wipes anymore!"

"It's gentle to the skin yet an effective cleaner. After using it for six months I'm happy to say I don't miss wipes at all."

"Sleek design that matches any bathroom and is simple to use. Love that it's a sensor so you don't have to touch anthing."

"I secretly worried about flushing thicker, pre-moistened wipes. Now my worries are over with Fohm."