Upgrade from flushable wipes

So you can...

  • Feel even cleaner
  • Avoid plumbing damage
  • Make a simple, sustainable swap

How it works

  • Step 1

    Attach to your wall in 2 minutes

    Comes with 3M strips for easy wall mounting

  • Step 1

    Place it on a flat surface

    Use the base for a freestanding option

  • Step 2

    Add Fohm to your TP

    Our touchless dispenser is hygienic and simple to use

  • Step 3

    Wipe away, your highness

    Works like a wet wipe - no need to rinse!

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Why Fohm?

Feel Like You Just Showered

Fohm cleanses and soothes your butt after every poop. The result feels even better than a flushable wipe, so you leave always leave your bathroom feeling immaculate.

Truly Flushable

Homeowners avoid risking $1,000’s in plumbing damage from flushed wipes (or even more if they’re on a septic system). And tossing used butt wipes in the trash is gross and inconvenient.

Planet Friendly

Fohm cleanser eliminates the need for microplastic-based wipes. And unlike the most popular brands, our toilet paper is sustainably sourced and doesn’t contribute to deforestation.

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Compared to wet wipes, we’re the clear winner

Jerry & Alissa - Fohm Founders

  • `Flushable´ Wet Wipes
  • Touchless
  • Sustainable
  • Plumbing Safe
  • Septic system safe

Hey there. We're Alissa & Jerry Staub, husband & wife founders of Fohm. We weren't impressed with flushable wipes, thought using dry toilet paper was gross and weren't fans of bidets.

We knew flushable wipes worked well but weren't actually safe to flush, and dispersed microplastics into waterways.

We thought about how we can design something that’s made for adults who poop on toilets, and how to create the perfect toilet paper.

We quit our careers to launch Fohm from the living room of our Manhattan apartment. Over 25,000 happy customers later, it seems that we're onto something.

Homeowners love upgrading to Fohm

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