Our Story

Who we are

Hi, we're Jerry & Alissa. We're husband and wife, and we’re the founders of Fohm. After meeting as next door neighbors in 2012, we would use our vacation days from work to explore different corners of the world together. We'd go from Argentina, to India, to Japan, and we realized that dry toilet paper wasn't the universal standard across the world like it is here in the US. We decided the way we cleaned our butts back home was ready for an upgrade after 150+ years of it staying the same. 


We wanted a better way to wipe

Before Fohm, Jerry worked in marketing with brands that are probably in your bathroom right now. He noticed the rise of a new product category on store shelves — flushable wipes — but knew the marketing claim of "flushable" wasn't exactly accurate and that many brands were using questionable ingredients.

So we started thinking about what an entirely new product would look like. We did a lot of research and a lot of testing (we’ll leave the visualizing to you), and we ended up with a touchless system designed to be good for your bum, your pipes, and our planet.


And a*holes love us

We started Fohm out of our NYC apartment, launched it in 2019, and immediately started making waves in the toilet industry. We’ve been in Business Insider, Bloomberg, BuzzFeed, New York Magazine, and more.

We're now on a mission to completely redefine the $2B+ flushable wipe category and move it to a more sustainable future.