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Love this alternative to wet wipes

No complaints. Love that the refill cartridges are made out of more optimal recyclable plastic. Important to me that ingredients are free of fragrances, alcohol, parabens, and sulfates. Great way to keep clean down under.


This is the greatest invention ever. I just love ‘em!
And customer service is a dream to work with!

The Clean Butt Kit
Donnie Wallace
Love my Fohm!

I’m just loving having Fohm in our bathroom! My hubby was always so worried about a clean bottom that he’d wipe, and wipe, and wipe! We used more toilet tissue than anyone I knew! Thankfully, now with Fohm- that has cut down drastically!!

Great Product

I really love this product- very easy to install on the wall- but I actually wish they still made the counter top version. The product is non irritating and it is great not having to purchased disposable wipes. The customer service department is excellent.

Butt Buddy

It leaves you so fresh and clean , even joe don't come sniffing around.

The Cleanser Refill Pack

Perfect solution!

We have been using FOHM for 3 years now and will
never go back to using wet wipes!

Fohm review

I use a lot less toilet paper and feel cleaner.

Game Changer

This product is so unique. It completely replaces any wipes, and the charge goes for such a long time. The liquid inside also lasts a very long time. The only problem I had was family members thinking it was hand sanitizer...but that's more a concern for the intelligence of my family.

The Clean Butt Kit
Eustace Robinson
Fohm user

It’s a great way to make sure you are squeaky clean and it feels great.

Save yourself a major plumbing bill

Fohm is so awesome! Completely removes the need for wipes. All the benefits of wipes without the wipes and the insane plumbing blockages and $$ to fix that wipes cause.

Cleanser Refill Pack
S. E. Holland
Excellent product, easy installation!

I've been a customer for a number of years now and can't say enough positive things! I have a wall mounted unit at home and counter top version at my father's. Both are perfectly suited to the situation. Great design and environmentally ideal compared to personal wipes. Highly recommend!

BUNDLE: Clean Butt Kit, Cleanser Refills and Toilet Paper

Squeaky Clean

The challenge of 'down there' cleanliness has been the plumbing problems associated with wipes, but with Fohm, you have NO worries at all. Just a dab on some TP and you've taken careof all the paperwork on your visit to the bathroom. Highly recommend!

Good alternative

Good alternative product to the traditional wipes! 👌

The Clean Butt Kit
Lucas Goodrich

The Clean Butt Kit

Fragile shipping

The product itself it great alternative to wipes. Especially with septic systems, camping and old buildings with older pipes. But be watchful when having it shipped because the plastic container and dispenser cartridge can easily be damaged, chipped or broken and lead to issues with the delivery company/ mail carrier. But the company was great about having the product replaced and shipped out new order in a couple days.

Can’t go without it now

Great product, reasonably priced. 10/10 recommend

BUNDLE: Clean Butt Kit, Cleanser Refills and Toilet Paper

unfortunately i love the product but like the original dispenser and can't get mine to work !! So i have two big bottles of liquid and can't use it !!

The Toilet Top Refill
Great product

I've used Fohm now for 4-5 months and absolutely love it. I feel like I'm getting even cleaner than using bathroom wipes with the added benefit of not sending manufactured wipes into my septic system. The price sounds high at first, but once you see how long one container lasts, you just might be saving money. I only need to recharge every couple weeks, which I do overnight. I highly recommend everyone trying it

The Cleanser Refill Pack
Jacqueline McNally
More clean in-between

Love this product gives that extra fresh finish that once you use it you will miss when it isn't there! Great product

Clean with FOHM

Love this stuff. TP is great! Have been FOHM-ing for two years.

The Clean Butt Kit
Carla Bernacchi
Granddaughter taking it to Italy for her fall semester

We’ll know how it works in September. I might have to send more to her classmates!!!

Replacement Base Stand
Christy Smolsen

The best soap in the world!