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The Bathroom Kit
Marilyn Bowling
No more wet wipes

I am very pleased with this product, it has so far been what i expected when i bought it. Thank you

The Bathroom Kit
Laurie Giuliano
Amazing New Product

Love it. Works great. More cost effective than bum wipes.

The Bathroom Kit
Rhonda Kemp
Love this product

I love this product. Best addition to my bathroom. Great alternative to flushable wipes. Enviromently friendly. Smells great feels great.

The Bathroom Kit
D s Whittle Set
Love this product.

Environmentally friendly. More discreet and comfortable.

The Toilet Top Refill
Suzanne Rellstab
Septic Field Savior!

This company's gizmo and the liquid that becomes a gentle foam is an elegant solution to an age-old problem. We have a private well and septic fields, and so-called "flush-friendly wipes" really do NOT work here. We are at a certain stage where our bodies don't work quite the way they used to. This little machine is making our lives so much easier. Thank you, FOHM, for a very thoughtful invention!

The Toilet Top Refill
Connie G. Edmondson
Fohm toilet

I have been using this product for several months and it really cleans well after each bowel movement. Great product

The Bathroom Kit
Mike Russo
Great idea

Awesome product, that keeps my plumbing working

Happy to replace wipes!

We are very pleased with FOHM! Easy to install -and use, and it works well. I hated the flushable wipes but my young son “needs” them - and he is now happily using FOHM. Thanks for an excellent and innovative product!

The Toilet Top Kit
Mary Hill

Yes my husband likes it.

The Bathroom Kit
Viola Juarez
Love it!

An added layer of hygiene is awesome. My grandson loves it. He says he feels fresh and clean.

The Bathroom Kit
June Kashiwada
Great purchase!

We bought one for one bathroom and ended up buying second for the other. Easy to set up, easy to use, and very it’s a good and useful product!

The Bathroom Kit
Cynthia Sizelove
not impressed


The Bathroom Kit
Debra Scott
This stuff is great

This is my first order and we have tried it we all love it, this will save us money from purchasing the other products, thanks for a good product

The Toilet Top Kit
Leslie Wilson
Fohm Forever

What’s not to like about a device that seldom needs charging via its convenient USB hookup and eliminates flushing wipes? We all love a clean undercarriage and doing what we can to make the planet a better place, right?

The Bathroom Kit
William Peterson
Wall Fohm dispenser

This product does exactly what it advertises. Love the idea of never throwing wipes in toilet and the foam cleans perfectly. The dispenser can now be located on cabinet side (as I have done) or right on wall next to toilet paper and it is out of way and yet accessible. It is held by velcro and adhesive strips that can be moved or repositioned without damage. We have two dispensers now and will be purchasing a 2nd stick on dispenser soon. Great product!

The Bathroom Kit
Amber Lail
Great Alternative to Toilet Wipes

I worried about regular toilet wipes creating plumbing issues. The Fohm dispensers and cleanser has been a great alternative for our family. A little bit of Fohm goes a long way. We now have Fohm in all of our bathrooms.

The Bathroom Kit
Better than expected 👌

In lieu of a bidet this product works! So simple to use. Love that it eliminates unnecessary sewage waste.

The Toilet Top Refill
Polly Mitchell
Great idea

What a great product. Not very expensive, easy to use, and eliminates those wasteful, plumbing/clogging wet wipes.

So Happy to have Fohm dispensers

I used to have "flushable" wipes by the toilet, and felt guilty about the environmental impact. Fohm is the answer for me. I first bought the free-standing dispenser when it was introduced, and now the wall-mounted dispenser. They both work very efficiently and effectively. I'm a huge fan of the wall-mount! I am a forever-Fohm customer!

Terrific product

We use Fohm in both bathroom - we love this product.

Love your product

refill product

refilled product- that says it all! great product. lasts a long time!

Very effective

I can't imagine not having this product. It's great!!!

Fohm works!

What a simple idea! So far it works! Eco friendly and easy as pie to use.

Best Tushy Wipe and Eco-friendly Example

I greatly appreciate FOHM's Bathroom Kit. It is perfect pipes in older, small homes. And, what an easy set-up. Fragrance-free and luxurious foam turns ordinary toilet paper to self-cleaning wipes. I love the hands-free operation and rechargeable internal battery. The packaging materials are also a salute to eco-friendliness with the recycled paper and plastic components. Much thought was given to this product. It makes a great gift too. Thanks for allowing me to review.