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The Bathroom Kit
Maria Diaz
Great and simply practical

Amazing. Love it.

The Bathroom Kit
Cathy Randolph
Great idea for the bathroom!

I was skeptical about this at first, but then I thought of all the wipes that end up in landfills. Or if you flush them, they can clog toilets. So I took a chance and got two of these, one for each bathroom. I don't regret it a bit! This is easy to use and saves money as well as being better for the environment. And it works like it's supposed to. I'll be ordering refills when the time comes.

The Bathroom Kit
Mary A. Allen-Jacobs
Great product!

A great replacement for wipes. Truly flushable and a gentle and thorough clean. Handy dispenser that is easy to use and place.

fohm fresh & fantastic

better than just tp. more friendly to my plumbing than wet wipes. i’m fohm fresh! join me

Great Solution

Easy, Easy, Easy
Easy to buy, Easy to set up and Easy to use

Love Fohm!!!

Try it you will love it!!

The Bathroom Refill Pack
Roberta Giordano C/O Amanda Ribas
Better than wipes!

Love Fohm. Works great and it works better than wipes and now no more problems with septic since using Fohm.

The Bathroom Kit
Marcia Charter
Love Fohm

I love the fohm but I wish I could get more Velcro strips. Then I could move it between bathrooms. As I do not have a counter within reach, more Velcro would help so much.

Hi Marcia, we sent you an email to help you get more 3M strips. Let us know if there's anything else we can do!

Best investment for toileting!

Both my grandkids love this, they make sure they have clean bottoms! Lasts so long, and easy to charge up.

The Bathroom Kit
David Antes

The Bathroom Kit

The Bathroom Kit
Jacqueline L
Happy Butt

I'm happy to no longer have to buy wipes and feel fresh after wiping.

Very Handy Foam Wipe

Have been using this foam for a few months now and very happy with it. It dispenses easily with just the right amount, lasts a long time, gentle on the skin (with psoriasis), use with Charmin Very Soft sometimes rips the tp but still well worth it! Would highly recommend to replace pre-moistened wipes that dry too soon!

The Bathroom Kit
Sheila K. Blair
The Best

I’ll never live without this

The Bathroom Kit
Kathleen Natale
Finally! Clean bottoms and clean septic!

Very easy to install! We were concern with ease of use, but no need ! We bought 2 and may have to get one for the powder room!

Fohm Dispensers

I purchased for my rental cabins. They have been well received by the guests.

super clean

I absolutely love this product. the Fohm dispenser is easy to install or to place it on a countertop if your walls are already filled by pictures. The foam itself is soothing as well as cleansing. I'm going to be a lifelong customer

The Bathroom Kit
janet christensen
Eco friendly product

Absolutely love this product. Makes you feel so much better about what you’re doing to the environment let alone your indoor plumbing. Highly recommend.

Excellent product

I'm so pleased with Fohm and would recommend it to anyone.

The Bathroom Kit
Anita Hannigan
Great product!

This product has saved me money not having to buy baby wipes.

The Bathroom Kit
Alice Kreitzer

The Bathroom Kit

Great Idea, Great Product

We are on a septic system and even though some products say they are septic safe, they may not be and the result is not pretty. We love the Fohm product as a replacement for moist wipes.

The Toilet Top Refill
Sheila Selznick

Works well.

Great product and great idea.

We have been using the Fohm system for several months now and love the idea and the product. I think anyone in an RV or on a septic system should definitely
use this product.

The Bathroom Kit
Deby Carl

I love this fohm cleanser foam. It works awesome. I had a time trying to figure out where to hang it. But once j did it works great.

The Bathroom Kit
Julie Cartwright

Right at hand to use.