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Replacement Dispenser Head
Joseph Mello

Replacement Dispenser Head

Fohm - Lubricating Foam!

Use environmentally friendly wipes with Fohm and your favorite tissue! Also, very lubricating and gentle!

The Clean Butt Kit
kara McBride
Holy Fohmness!!

This stuff is amazing. It has already saved us a lot in wet wipes. It’s easy, convenient and does the job. I will continue to be a loyal customer!

The Clean Butt Kit
Patty Buchanan
Great Product

I was hesitant when it came, but after setting it up, which was easy, I love it! So much better than fumbling for a wipe and then disposing of it properly and not flushing it! Great idea. I bought 2. Going to put one in the mother-in-law’s bathroom! Very convenient

Cleanser Refill Pack
Brenda Carpenter

I have one in each bathroom…no more clogged pipes due to “flushable” wipes. They are the best and work great!!!

I saw this product's ad on IG, clicked, and bought within 5 minutes. It works great and keeps wipes out of the sewer. My bathroom was too humid for the device to remain on the tiled wall (subway tiles), so I keep it in its stand on the back of the toilet. Easy to use and doesn't try to be more than it is. The fresh scent is very mild too. Highly recommend!

We bought a second one for the house.

My husband and I love this product.

Best find EVER

Bundle of 2 Cleanser Refills + 36 Premium TP Rolls

Perfect for a fresh feel.

Special Offer: 36 Rolls of Premium Toilet Paper
John Rinciari

I have Fohm dispensers in all of my bathrooms. I swear by this product, no more wipes, and you end up feeling skweeky clean!

The Cleanser Refill Pack
Delinda Jackson
Must buy

It just makes the best sense and your plumber will love you for it.

Fohm for me

When I first saw this I wasn’t sure it would be the same as wet wipes. And it’s not, it’s even better. Cheaper! Safer! Flushes easier!
Thank you

The Cleanser Refill Pack

Would definitely order again. Fair price and good quality.

It works

I like this

The Clean Butt Kit
Thomas Johnson

The Clean Butt Kit

The product works great and customer service was wonderful. I really recommend.

Great Product

With only two people in the household we can go 6 months without reordering. Just replaced one of the Fohm containers for the first time. Guests did not understand that the Fohm was for use with the TP, most thought it was hand sanitizer.

We love the product and will continue to use it.

The Cleanser Refill Pack
Denise Walters Denise Walters -
Great product

I love fohm. We have septic and can’t use wipes. It’s so convenient to mount next to toilet right next to toilet paper holder. We definitely use less toilet paper and feel cleaner. Each canister lasts a long time.

I’ll never use another brand!

I’ve been using FOHM for a few years now & ❤️it! Also ordered your toilet paper & will also never use any other! I like the paper wrapping around each role & it’s softer than other brands & no plastic packaging! I’m a customer hooked for life! THANKS for great products!
Susan Pope, Greenwood, SC

Bundle of 2 Cleanser Refills + 36 Premium TP Rolls

The T paper was great but it was like wiping with foam water. I didn’t feel cleaner than just using dry T paper. Very disappointing.

Great product!

I highly recommend this whether you have used wet wipes or not. You'll be cleaner faster with less paper products to waste. I am so glad that I learned about this!

Love it. Doesn't clog the drains and you get clean with it.

The Clean Butt Kit
Barbara Pacheco
Great idea

I really like the product. It is easy to use and is gentle on the skin. Customer Service was amazing when I had an issue and resolved it quickly and easily. Have one in each bathroom and I recommend it as a better alternative to wipes.