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The Bathroom Kit
Deby Carl

I love this fohm cleanser foam. It works awesome. I had a time trying to figure out where to hang it. But once j did it works great.

The Bathroom Kit
Gillian Reynolds
Cleaner process

Nothing replaces a bidet wash but absent that this product works great and feels good on delicate skin. I have it in both my bathrooms.

Cleanser Refill Pack
Barb Hobkirk
This is a great product.

Countertop and wall-mount products both work well. We have wallpaper in one bathroom so we elected to screw the baseplate of the product into the wall.
The customer service is excellent - prompt replies to questions and they stand by their products. We would never consider going back to environmentally un-friendly wet wipes again!


We had no idea how this product would work but it sounded interesting. We purchased it and just love it!!! What a great idea!!

The Bathroom Kit
Fohm for the win!

After a $1100 plumbing emergency "flushable" wipes were no longer an option. Fohm is a perfect alternative and really does work with any kind of toilet paper. Even Scotts!

The Bathroom Kit
Stephanie Batista
I love Fohm

I really like using Fohm. Fohm is gentle and cleans well. The fact that I don’t have to buy wipes anymore is a HUGE plus. I highly recommend it for your hiney and the environment and plumbing ;)

The Bathroom Kit
Brian McG.
100% GET THIS!!!

If you use wet wipes, this is better! If you’re still “dry wiping”, get the memo. If you read the directions on the wet wipes (who “reads directions” for wet wipes?!?!) they specifically say use only one per flush or you will damage your plumbing! Fohm is perfect, bcs you can use as much as you want! Highly recommend it. I purchased one to try, Then I purchased two more for the other bathrooms in my house. Love it!! P.S. fohm, PLEASE DEVELOP A TRAVEL SIZE to take to hotels, etc., when on the go!

So Happy to have Fohm dispensers

I used to have "flushable" wipes by the toilet, and felt guilty about the environmental impact. Fohm is the answer for me. I first bought the free-standing dispenser when it was introduced, and now the wall-mounted dispenser. They both work very efficiently and effectively. I'm a huge fan of the wall-mount! I am a forever-Fohm customer!

Cleanser Refill Pack
Best Tushy Wipe and Eco-friendly Example

I greatly appreciate FOHM's Bathroom Kit. It is perfect pipes in older, small homes. And, what an easy set-up. Fragrance-free and luxurious foam turns ordinary toilet paper to self-cleaning wipes. I love the hands-free operation and rechargeable internal battery. The packaging materials are also a salute to eco-friendliness with the recycled paper and plastic components. Much thought was given to this product. It makes a great gift too. Thanks for allowing me to review.


Less expensive than wipes
Better on plumbing
Better on the environment

Pleasant surprise

Works as advertised. Adult baby wipes without the packaging. Always at the ready.

Life changing

I don’t know where to start. I used to use flushable wipes but stopped once I learned how harmful they are to sewer systems. This foam works better than the wipes. I recently upgraded to their new wall mount dispenser and really like that. The only thing I wish the company would change is to make the wall mount refillable.


I am SO glad that I switched from flushable wipes to foam! This product cleans and refreshes and isn’t clogging my plumbing. I highly recommend it!

The Bathroom Kit
Rex Nealis
Great alternative to flushable wipes

Great product and idea! We purchased 2 a couple of months ago and still in the same bottle and original charge.

The Bathroom Kit
Kathleen O.
Absolutely love the Fohm!!

I purchased this as I do not like to use flushable wipes with my septic. This product is ingenious! Works like a charm and no additional trash or clogging my septic. Absolutely love it! Even got my 87 year old mother one! We also find it works perfect for helping to potty train our grandson!

The Bathroom Kit
Jason Manuel
FOHM is Great

I have (2) dispensers and I like really their products! FOHM has excellent customer service also. I highly recommend that everyone purchase FOHM! I recommend them to all my guests and friends.

The Toilet Top Kit
Loving the extra clean feeling.

Loving the extra clean feeling. There’s so much more than you ever realized until you start using Fohm. Super easy to use and puts out the exact right amount. Never feeling too wet. Highly recommend Fohm product for anyone looking to be completely clean.
Now I’m gonna give you some T.M.I. for years I have created what I called an “Alabama Wet Wipe”, which is spitting into the toilet paper to create my own wet wipe, well no more Alabama wet wipes for me! Thanks to Fohm!

A present for the machatunim

I so enjoyed my purchase that I sent Fohm as a holiday gift to the machatunim who have every invention imaginable. Still haven’t heard the raves because they thought it was a gimmick or joke. They are away. When they get back & try it I’m sure they’ll love it as much as I do. I’ll let you know.

Cleanser Refill Pack
Patricia Page
Very Handy Foam Wipe

Have been using this foam for a few months now and very happy with it. It dispenses easily with just the right amount, lasts a long time, gentle on the skin (with psoriasis), use with Charmin Very Soft sometimes rips the tp but still well worth it! Would highly recommend to replace pre-moistened wipes that dry too soon!

Great tushy stuff!

I love it, my heiney loves it, you’ll love it!

The Bathroom Kit
Thomas T.
a GREAT product that does the job for me & protects the plumbing

I’m glad I finally got Fohm for my bathroom because it works so well! No worries of any plumbing issues (compared to conventional flushable wipes) because it’s your own toilet paper and FOHM. Simple.

It’s gentle on my skin and cleans very well. The battery last a good while and quickly recharges when it goes out! I’m very happy with FOHM.

Good Idea

Works as advertised. Definitely feels cleaner. High quality construction. There is a short learning curve to figure out the best technique.

Great product

Was using flushable wipes for a couple years, till plumbing problem. Found Fohm and have been very happy with the product. The dispenser works very well and the product last a long time. The Fohm product cleans will and doesn’t irate, leaves you feeling fresh. Does not clog up the pipes. Good product.

The Toilet Top Kit
Leslie Wilson
Fohm Forever

What’s not to like about a device that seldom needs charging via its convenient USB hookup and eliminates flushing wipes? We all love a clean undercarriage and doing what we can to make the planet a better place, right?

The Toilet Top Kit
Josie Covey
Great clean up product.

I am a reformed "flushable" wipes user who needed something better than wetting toilet paper with water to clean my tushy. Fohm is that better something. It is gentle, thorough, and the dispenser is easy to use. I have sensitive skin, and this product has caused no inflammation or irritation at all. I like using a product that is better for the environment than wipes. It's a bit of an investment, but I believe it's worth it. Highly recommended.