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The Bathroom Kit
Debbie Lewis

Very nice product!

Pleasant surprise

Works as advertised. Adult baby wipes without the packaging. Always at the ready.

The Bathroom Kit
Vivian Moise
Very happy tushie!

My spouse and I LOVE our Fohm dispenser. We have multiple bathrooms in our home but always use the toilet with the Fohm for #2. No more wiping 10 times trying to get fully clean of poop. One wipe with Fohm and one to dry and it's done. We tell all our friends about Fohm!

The Toilet Top Kit
Josie Covey
Great clean up product.

I am a reformed "flushable" wipes user who needed something better than wetting toilet paper with water to clean my tushy. Fohm is that better something. It is gentle, thorough, and the dispenser is easy to use. I have sensitive skin, and this product has caused no inflammation or irritation at all. I like using a product that is better for the environment than wipes. It's a bit of an investment, but I believe it's worth it. Highly recommended.

Good Product

Convenient and easy. No mess and a clean feel afterwards.

Life changing

I don’t know where to start. I used to use flushable wipes but stopped once I learned how harmful they are to sewer systems. This foam works better than the wipes. I recently upgraded to their new wall mount dispenser and really like that. The only thing I wish the company would change is to make the wall mount refillable.

A Cleaner Clean

Great product! Easy to install. Makes for better cleaning.

The Bathroom Kit
Susan Knipp
Addition to every bathroom

My husband and I love this product! It isn't messy, has a wonderful light fragrance and leaves us feeling clean and fresh with no added inconvenience. Love this product!

The Bathroom Kit
Great product!

Works as advertised! Great product!

Excellent Product

This is an excellent alternative to expensive cleansing wipes. I have tried other similar products and this is the best. It is mild with no irritation. The foam is soft and cleanses very well. It always makes you feel clean and refreshed. I will never use any other product. I highly recommend this Fohm.

The Bathroom Kit
anthony p velasquez
Clean !

Like the concept , works well really appreciate your product .


I am SO glad that I switched from flushable wipes to foam! This product cleans and refreshes and isn’t clogging my plumbing. I highly recommend it!

Very nice

Was easy to install. Easy to charge. Very nice to keep you clean and fresh. Much better than wipes that always dry out.

The Bathroom Kit
Dina Perez

The Bathroom Kit

The Bathroom Refill Pack
Angela Phillios

The Bathroom Refill Pack

Buy this!

If you use disposable wipes, you should switch to this dispenser and limit the paper going down your drain. We love it!

The Toilet Top Kit
Kenna Manwaring
Poorly packaged

Great product but refill bottle leaked and was practically empty when I got it and package was soaked.

Hi Kenna we're so sorry about this! We're reaching out directly via email to send you a replacement right away.

The Bathroom Kit
Sally Mulvey
love it

haven't put up the one in the bathroom yet. have used it anyway and took the travel one with me. awesome! not sticky. just the right amount. easy anywhere. so simple. non irritating, no fragrance. excellent product and presentation.

We like it!

Excellent replacement when you can’t use the wipes.

Works wonders

Works great, feels great. Only comment really is we need Fohm To Go for traveling. Went out of town and it was sorely missed.

The Bathroom Refill Pack
Charlotte Waterman

Love this glad u thought of this and offered it to everyone!

Great stuff...

The Bathroom Refill Pack

Great product and so easy to use.

This is so much better than packets of wipes that everyone touches and often are left open and dry out. I have 3 of them!

The Bathroom Kit
Lovely Bum cleaner

I really like this as an option to keep wipes out of the sewer systems.

The Toilet Top Refill
Leslie Wilson
How’s Your Morning?

I have used Fohm daily for several years, 100’s of mornings. It is gadget that can be charged, no batteries to be recycled. Got all crazy and bought a Tushy bidet and cloth TP and I’m doing my part to wipe waste out 😂