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Fohm is something you never knew you needed

Love my fohm! Especially living in the Florida humidity, Fohm helps keep my bootie clean and dry!

I love it

The Bathroom Refill Pack

The Toilet Top Refill
Gary Simmons Simmons

Great product.

Great Idea

Perfect replacement for flushable wipes. I highly recommend having one in each bathroom!

The Bathroom Refill Pack

This is a great product.

Countertop and wall-mount products both work well. We have wallpaper in one bathroom so we elected to screw the baseplate of the product into the wall.
The customer service is excellent - prompt replies to questions and they stand by their products. We would never consider going back to environmentally un-friendly wet wipes again!

The Bathroom Refill Pack
Marty Pickering
The Proper Way of Cleaning Your Bottom End

Many countries utilize a bidet for properly cleaning their backside. Here in the U.S. it is far too common for folks to just use dry paper to clean up after a major transaction. Now let's think about this for a minute; would you clean your dishes, your car, your household floors, or any other part of your body with just a folded (or wadded) piece of soft, dry paper? I should hope not. So why do Americans think that some thin, soft paper is going to properly clean up the mess between their cheeks? Squeeze some chocolate pudding in between a couple of basket balls, then wipe it off with some toilet paper. Did you get every little bit of it, or did it smear and leave behind a thin film and/or little bits here and there? I installed a smart bidet in the master bathroom of my home, but my wife and children have tried it and don't care for it at all.

That is why when I saw an online ad for Fohm, I was excited to try the product since I figured it would provide a safe and effective way of cleaning up vs. their previous method which was using those "flushable wipes." When the Fohm product arrived I quickly installed it and asked my family to try it. They found Fohm to be easy and even somewhat fun to use, and I love the fact that the device is completely touchless. Only two things prevent this device from being absolutely perfect in my opinion. First of all, the sensor is a bit overly sensitive, so anything that comes near the device will set it off, and you will end up with a dollop of the foamy cleaner on your floor or countertop. The second thing is that even though you can purchase the Fohm dispenser on, you cannot purchase refills from that site. I'm the makers of Fohm want you to go to their website in hopes that you will sign up for their subscription service. I just think if you are going to sell your product on then you should also provide refills on the same site. Other than those two things I consider this a truly 5-star product and I highly recommend it to others.

The Bathroom Kit
M. Anderson
Exactly what you need, unless you really want a bidet...

I discovered this product on Instagram. Sometimes products are great concepts, but not so great in reality. This lives up to its hype. Easy to install and even easier to use. Glad I made the purchase.

The Bathroom Kit

The best thing to touch your bum bum

Love the product and love the customer service

Great product

Was using flushable wipes for a couple years, till plumbing problem. Found Fohm and have been very happy with the product. The dispenser works very well and the product last a long time. The Fohm product cleans will and doesn’t irate, leaves you feeling fresh. Does not clog up the pipes. Good product.


Our household has been a long term user of ordinary wipes so the idea of fohm was very compelling! Quick delivery, easy install and so far so good. I'll admit that it took some getting used to butt now we're used to it! Great idea!


We had no idea how this product would work but it sounded interesting. We purchased it and just love it!!! What a great idea!!

Great product!

Love the product and the customer service was terrific! Highly recommend.

The Bathroom Kit
Cynthia D
Squeaky clean

The concept is great...get rid of your flushable wipes and get the same cleanliness with your toilet paper and fohm. However, you do need to understand you have to have a good quality toilet paper, 2ply and above in order for the paper not to tear while wiping. I like the foam and that it doesn't have perfumes or chemicals that could be irritating to the skin and a very sensitive area. Overall, I'm glad I tried this product and I'm using it 75% of the time. There are times when I need the strength of a wipe. I like the look of the 9product and it fits into the style and my restrooms. I would like to see oil rubbed bronze and stainless steel options in the future. Easy to assemble and install.

The Toilet Top Refill
Teresa Wingness


Works great - looking forward to improved low waste refills

Fohm works great. Easy to set up, rechargeable, lower waste, and most importantly non-irritating. Only reason not a 5 star- looking forward to seeing Fohm make improvements to even lower waste/plastic-free refill options.

Old style and new style Fohm Dispensers

Both are excellent. I hope you keep the free standing style as some bathrooms don’t have convenient side walls for the wall type dispenser. I can use both in my house, but have given these to 2 of my children and one had to have the free standing style so I gave her one of mine.

This method of cleansing is much superior to store bought wipes and gentle on your skin. Glad they were invented and my family agrees.

The Bathroom Kit
Fohm for the win!

After a $1100 plumbing emergency "flushable" wipes were no longer an option. Fohm is a perfect alternative and really does work with any kind of toilet paper. Even Scotts!

The Bathroom Kit
Stephanie Batista
I love Fohm

I really like using Fohm. Fohm is gentle and cleans well. The fact that I don’t have to buy wipes anymore is a HUGE plus. I highly recommend it for your hiney and the environment and plumbing ;)

The Bathroom Kit
Michael Holler
Love this product

Does just what they say. Easy to install and set up.

The Bathroom Kit
Merilee Antonino
Great bum cleaner

Bought this for my husband to replace his wet wipes. Love the dispenser and easy wall attachment. Easy to use and love that it’s less waste. Planning on installing in our other bathrooms soon

The Bathroom Kit
Brian McG.
100% GET THIS!!!

If you use wet wipes, this is better! If you’re still “dry wiping”, get the memo. If you read the directions on the wet wipes (who “reads directions” for wet wipes?!?!) they specifically say use only one per flush or you will damage your plumbing! Fohm is perfect, bcs you can use as much as you want! Highly recommend it. I purchased one to try, Then I purchased two more for the other bathrooms in my house. Love it!! P.S. fohm, PLEASE DEVELOP A TRAVEL SIZE to take to hotels, etc., when on the go!

The Bathroom Kit
Marilyn Bowling
No more wet wipes

I am very pleased with this product, it has so far been what i expected when i bought it. Thank you