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Great but…

I love Fohm products so when they came out with a wall mounted model I was very excited. This product was easy to install and works flawlessly. The problem I have is the disposable cartridges. I have plenty of Fohm liquid from my other dispenser so it seems wasteful to throw away the empty cartridges and I cannot use the remaining liquid that I have on hand. I will go back to using my old dispenser.

So much better

This is a wonderful product! So much better than ice cold wipes at 3 am. I have very sensitive skin so I was a little leery of trying fohm but it has worked great for me. The dispenser lets you use as much or as little as you need and no rinsing required. The dispenser is small and much more attractive than a plastic box of baby wipes. I have recommended fohm to my friends and family. Try it! You won’t be disappointed

Easy and convenient

I’ve had it for a couple of months now in our master bath. Probably getting another one for the guest bath. Ordering refills was also easy and arrived quickly.

Great product

Love this stuff!

Love the Fohm & very pleased with Customer Service

The Fohm product is a delightful alternative to prepackaged wipes which are a costly nightmare for municipal sewer systems, septic systems etc.
Contacted Fohm customer service & my question was answered within hours.
Rare to find a great product and great support in one company.

Game changer, septic woes no more

If you appreciate being clean in the bathroom but loathed how often you need a plumber when using wipes, worry no more. Fohm is here to the rescue. So clean, fresh and really tidy as well as a simple accessory near your toilet. Cheers! Enjoy the replacement and never look back.

Flushable cleanliness - the perfect solution

I loved the counter Fohm dispenser, but really like the wall-mounted version, which works especially well in my small bathroom.


Great Product

I didn’t really want to install a bidet but TP left me wanting. Enter fohm. It really leaves me feeling clean and is very easy to use.


Just as I had hoped, easy to ease, not messy, adds just the right amount of moisture to get perfectly clean!

The Refill

Fohm works great

Buying extra toilet paper is so worth not having to use flushable wipes

Great alternative to "Flushable" wet wipes

Fohm was something I really needed but didn't know it existed. It is the perfect alternative to wet wipes.

Septic safe wipes!

This is a great solution that is easy to use.
Very happy with our purchase. Have one in each bathroom.


Ditched flushable wipes for Fohm. Great decision. Very gentle on skin and plumbing.

The Bathroom Kit

Great Product

Very soothing & refreshing. Environmentally friendly.

Great product and will buy again!

I highly recommend it! It does replace wipes.

Great stuff

No more wipes that don't really flush. Have to gather them and handle them. Use Fohm! Works better than wipes, flush and it's gone!

Great product!

It's a great product it does exactly as advertised love it!!!

Excellent product... very satisfied... Gets the job


Fohm is easy to set up, easy to use, easy to refill and charge. And the benefit of not using wipes to stop up the pipes? Yay!

Amazing. Hate when I travel, lol.

It's awesome. Hate when I travel and don't have it lol.

Fohm is the best!

Fohm, simply put, is the best! Easy to use, terrific customer service, and good for the environment!

great customer service!

we lost our charging wire and they sent us a new one for free and it came next day!