Fohm Co

Feel Ridiculously Clean

Add Fohm to your toilet paper, so you’re legitimately clean after every poop

Gentle cleanser, designed for sensitive skin

Made in the USA

Includes rechargeable battery

30 day no questions asked return policy

Full year guarantee

Each month, thousands of Americans upgrade their bathrooms by adding Fohm to it

Dry toilet paper has been the American standard for over 150 years, but it’s failing to meet your modern standards of personal hygiene. A dry piece of paper wouldn’t be sufficient in cleaning any other part of your body, and your bum is no exception. Fohm adds a gentle bum cleanser to your dry toilet paper, so you leave nothing behind, while avoiding skin irritation

Fohm Starter Pack


Every Fohm Starter Pack includes the Fohm touch-less dispenser & a bottle of Fohm cleanser at only $.04 per use.

How many bathrooms would you like Fohm to be stocked in?

Amy W


A whole new clean!

"I didn’t know how much I would like the Fohm system, but took a chance and ordered it. Now I can’t imagine life without it! I used to use flushable wipes, but then developed an allergy to them (and found out that they really should not be flushed!). The Fohm foam is gentle, effective, and works with the toilet paper that you already have! In short, I love it, and would make an effort to take it with me once travel becomes possible again. Highly recommended!!!"

Lyle Clark


Finally, a clean butt

"OK, not something we talk about a lot, at least not since the 3rd grade. But (no pun intended) this really works. And, rather than clogging up the sewer system with supposedly dissolving cleansing wipes, this one just goes the way of regular TP. Thanks for having my back...ok, that pun was intentional."

Brianne Mangini


A nice clean tush

"I try to be more earth conscious and not clog my toilet. This seemed like a good alternative to both! Smells great, feels nice, and works efficiently. Highly recommend 👌"

Barry Fisher



"I love Fohm. Without going into particulars, I feel clean all day everyday. It's a great product and the dispenser is aesthetically pleasing!"

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