Fohm Co

You already know not to flush wipes

Fohm turns your toilet paper into an eco-friendly wet wipe

Gentle cleanser, designed for sensitive skin

Made in the USA

Includes rechargeable battery

30 day no questions asked return policy

Full year guarantee

Fohm adds a gentle cleanser to your dry toilet paper, turning it into a truly sustainable wet wipe. This way, your planet will be as clean as your pooper.

Flushable wipes are anything but flushable. By 2023, over 1 million pounds a day of solid wipe waste will be flushed. Beyond the toilet bowl, they wreak havoc on local waterways & marine life. This is because they’re made out of micro-plastics such as rayon, polypropylene & polyester which don’t biodegrade. Even wipes marketed as biodegradable are full of s#it.

Fohm Starter Pack


Every Fohm Starter Pack includes the Fohm touch-less dispenser & a bottle of Fohm cleanser at only $.04 per use.

How many bathrooms would you like Fohm to be stocked in?

Mary Brenchley


Best purchase ever!

"Looking for an environmentally sound wet wipe, and stumbled across this. I love it!"

Joel Henning


Nice little product

"This is a simple, pleasant way of avoiding environmentally bad wipes. The dispenser does a good job of applying just the right amount of Fom to your conventional toilet paper. Sanitary and comfortable."

Melanie Perez


Arrived quickly, works well

"My fiance and I have been wanting to get rid of wet wipes for a while. The fohm works really well and we feel better about not polluting with wet wipes!"

Gail Sears


Stylish, convenient and sustainable

"Love not having to deal with wipes. This nifty little dispenser is touchless and good looking, too. If the solution lasts as long as they estimate, I will be very happy."

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