Fohm Co

Americans use 141 rolls of toilet paper each year

Use less toilet paper by adding Fohm to it

Gentle cleanser, designed for sensitive skin

Made in the USA

Includes rechargeable battery

30 day no questions asked return policy

Full year guarantee

Fohm makes your toilet paper supply last longer

Using dry toilet to get clean is not efficient. Thousands of Americans are making the switch each month, and adding Fohm to their bathrooms. Fohm adds a gentle cleanser to your toilet paper, so you can feel cleaner while using less toilet paper.

Fohm Starter Pack


Every Fohm Starter Pack includes the Fohm touch-less dispenser & a bottle of Fohm cleanser, at only $.04 per use.

How many bathrooms would you like Fohm to be stocked in?



Incredible Invention

"I purchased one to cut down on wet wipes. Fohm not only eliminated the use of wet wipes but also cut down the amount of toilet paper usage. I have since purchased another one for my other bathroom. Strongly recommend this product."

Judy C



"Amazing product. Works exactly as described. Fohm is so much better than wet wipes and reduces TP consumption. Reasonably priced. Exceptional invention and truly awesome."

Patricia Smith


Love it!!!!

"This product is great. With all the current nonsense going on with no TP or wipes to be found, I'm looking for alternatives that don't require those, or as much of those. The foam really helps to get clean."

Henry Field


A Nice Wipe

"You like a damp wipe off? This does it. Reduces TP usage too. A winner."

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