Fohm Co

Save money on toilet paper. Stop buying flushable wipes. Avoid expensive plumbing damage.

Supercharge the toilet paper you have with Fohm

Gentle cleanser, designed for sensitive skin

Made in the USA

Includes rechargeable battery

30 day no questions asked return policy

Full year guarantee

Stop flushing so much money down the toilet

Flushable wipes are a great bathroom addition but the cost can add up, especially when they cause $1,000’s in plumbing damage. American households are saving money by adding Fohm to their bathrooms. At only $.04 per use, it supercharges the toilet paper you’re already buying so you can feel ridiculously clean. Fohm adds a gentle cleanser to your toilet paper, leaving you feeling cleaner than ever before.

Fohm Starter Pack


Every Fohm Starter Pack includes the Fohm touch-less dispenser & a bottle of Fohm cleanser, at only $.04 per use.

How many bathrooms would you like Fohm to be stocked in?

Catherine Paull


Just what we were hoping it would be!

"I've been looking for something to take the place of wet wipes for ages, since I was not happy with the expense and truly disliked that they could not be flushed away to disintegrate as TP is designed to do. This is excellent and we are all delighted to have this in our home."

Anne O’Brien


Easy to Use; Works Well, Saves Over Using Wipes

"Once I learned how to use Fohm, I found it works very nicely. It's saving me money as I don't have to buy wet wipes now and it performs the same function while using my regular toilet tissue. I've been using it for a few weeks now and am very impressed."

Deborah Freed


Great product

"I love this product. No more expensive wet wipes that can clog my septic system. Great for sensitive skin and the environment. The foam is very gentle yet cleansing. A very practical invention.
I loved it so much I got one for a family member too!"

John Golden


Love it

"Better than wet ones /wet wipes, and cheaper in the long run too. Works great - need one in every bathroom."

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