Avoid Plumbing Damage with a Wet Wipes Alternative That's Safe to Flush

Fohm dispenses a toilet paper spray so soothing and gentle, it’s easy to say buh-bye to baby wipes for good. Try Fohm risk-free.

Flushable wet wipes for adults get a plumbing-friendly upgrade

“Flushable” wipes aren’t flushable. Here’s the nasty truth about baby wipes — and what to do about it.

The dirty truth: Flushable wipes aren’t flushable

Maybe you’re already clued in after an expensive visit from your friendly neighborhood plumber. Perhaps you’ve reached the end of your latest baby wipe dispenser and thought: Surely, there’s a more effective way to feel clean after a bathroom trip. Either way, you’re onto something: The wet wipes you’ve been using are not as flushable and healthy as you think they are.

Fatbergs, the f-word you never wanted to know about

Most wet wipes — yes, even the so-called “flushable” ones — take 50-100 years to break down. So where do they go after you go? Turns out, all the wipes we flush end up in fatbergs, which are giant masses of everything non-biodegradable we hoped to flush and forget about. They don’t poof away. These masses clog up sewage treatment plants in a nasty way, and since 14,000 wet wipes are used every second, at this rate, it sure feels like we’re careening toward a fatberg reckoning of cinematic proportions.

You’ve outgrown baby wipes

Just like you outgrew diapers, pacifiers and baby food, it’s time to put on your big kid underwear and move on from baby wipes to a wet wipes alternative. Because unfortunately, the Tooth Fairy isn’t real, but fatbergs definitely are.

Turns out, the best baby wipe is the toilet paper you already have

The wet wipes alternative you’ve been searching for is already in your linen closet.

Fohm is the good-for-you wet wipes alternative plumbers love

Traditional toilet paper biodegrades within a few hours, so Fohm’s foam spray adds that super-clean feeling you’re looking for without clogging your bathroom pipes. Our special formula “sits on top” of your toilet paper without tearing the TP. It’s like a wet wipe, just more grown up. Did we mention how chic the touchless dispenser looks next to your porcelain throne?

Better for you, the world, and the water treatment plant

Become your plumber’s favorite client by eliminating wet wipe waste from your home’s plumbing. Become a hero to sanitation systems everywhere. And be a little less of an asshole with the kind of clean that doesn’t stain your conscience. Everyone wins. Except for the people who make baby wipes. They’ll just have to keep pushing their products on actual babies.

Ditch wet wipes for our touchless foam alternative

Powder-scented soggy baby wipes are out. Touchless foam dispensers for toilet paper spray are in. Tell everyone you know.

Feel clean, cool, and pH-balanced with Fohm toilet paper spray

Fohm’s pH-balanced cleanser is made in the USA and is free of fragrances, alcohol, parabens, and sulfates. It’s formulated with natural ingredients you can also find in your favorite skincare products, like witch hazel, aloe vera, green tea and chamomile. Enjoy that refreshing, cool post-poo clean feeling you expect from wet wipes — without negative environmental or plumbing impact.

30-day risk-free returns for a guaranteed happy behind

If you don’t love having a clean bum and clear plumbing after 30 days, we will be happy to accept your return. But we hope you enjoy your superior posterior situation so much, that won’t need to happen.